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19th December 2019

A New Home at Christmas?

The Christmas period has long been associated with a lack of activity within the property market. However an increasing number of potential buyers are spending the festive season house-hunting online. Wait for the new year and you could be missing out on some great opportunities. It’s common knowledge that, as the nights draw in and temperatures drop, the housing market slows down. But there is a school of thought that suggests that prospective buyers and sellers could do well by acting during the cold, dark winter month

Could buying your home at Christmas make sense?

For buyers, the simple laws of supply and demand dictate that there’s every chance of bagging a bargain over the winter. In particular, if the property has been listed over the busier autumn months and hasn’t sold. There is every chance the seller could be slightly more flexible with the price.

Could selling your home at Christmas make sense?

For sellers, too, it’s not the end of the world. The market famously slows down in November and December with many prospective sellers electing to keep their house off the market until New Year. Listing a property before Christmas could mean that you’re actually faced with less competition. Thus making it easier for buyers to find your property. The holiday season might mean that buyers have more time to view prospective properties too. Also this quieter time of year could work in your favour when it comes to third parties. Solicitors, estate agents,  surveyors and builders are typically less busy this time of year. They may well be able to help you push your sale through quicker than, for example, in the busier spring.

When DOESN’T buying or selling your home during Wintertime make sense?

If you’re not in a rush to get your house sold, or are happy to wait through the winter months before buying, then it probably does make sense to wait. Early Spring will see the days getting a little brighter and the market starting to pick up again. There is, after all, more chance of finding your perfect property, or sourcing the best possible fee when there are more properties being bought or sold. And if you don’t manage to sell your property in the winter then buyers in the spring may wonder why your house has stayed on the market so long.

Whatever you decide it is vital that you explore what is out there for you mortgage-wise. Which is where we come in. A broker’s impartial and independent advice can only help you to make the right decision at the right time. Just give us a call or email direct – we are here to help.


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