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5th May 2020

Are you ahead of other buyers?

Are your finances ready so that you are in the best position to buy?

Once we get out of lockdown people will be out buying houses again, so make sure you are in the best possible position to be ahead of those looking at the same property as you.

How much can you borrow?
Estate Agents often ask for a mortgage agreement in principle certificate when you offer on a property.  Do you have yours ready?  If not contact us now to put you ahead of your competitors.
How is your credit report?
During this difficult time, many people will pay things late or even sought a mortgage payment holiday, which lenders should have recorded correctly, but have you checked?  You can obtain your credit report here….
Think about costs
Have you set aside enough money for the deposit, solicitors, removal company and stamp duty? (Bear in mind the increased stamp duty if you already own property).
Have you lined up a solicitor?
Once your offer is accepted, you need a solicitor to instruct and the estate agent will need it for the memorandum of sale, so line one up ready.  We can help recommend one for you.

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