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8th June 2018

Decorating – Making Your House Into Your Home

So you are in your lovely new home, your various insurances are sorted out and you have made your first mortgage payment. It feels like it’s yours at last! So how to make it feel like home not just a house – time to decorate.

The first time you decide to decorate it can seem like a daunting ask – not just the actual physical slog but making the initial decisions about colours, wallpaper versus paint, modern or antique, minimalist or cluttered….. we could go on. So we have decided to provide you with a short list of hints and tips designed to help. Everyone can stamp their own style on their own home but it would be worth taking a look at these tips, just as a general guide.

My home’s front door – Set the tone here.

Make a great first impression  – ensure your front door is freshly painted and well presented. Consider a bright glossy colour or beautiful stained wood tones. Red is popular as it is considered  lucky colour in many cultures. Presentation is key, no peeling faded paint and any glazing should be sparkly clean.

First Home Doort

Neutral is good particularly if you are new to this.

It might be tempting to go crazy with colour but keeping things neutral often works best, especially if decorating is new to you. Rooms feel larger and you can interconnect colour schemes. Grey shades are very “in” at the moment and create a background you can work with. Think about your furniture placement in reception rooms too – make sure your sofa “talks” to your chairs!

Home decorating

A mirror in every room

It’s not about vanity honest! Mirrors create illusions of space and make light “bounce” around a room. However make sure you don’t hang a mirror opposite a window as the light will bounce straight back out again. Scale artwork too. Small pictures on tall walls is a no-no. Note that the middle of a picture should hang at eye level and don’t space groups of pictures too far apart.

Mirror in the home

Key words are Declutter and Remodel. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your new house into your new home.

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