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12th June 2019

Do You Have Adequate Protection?

We speak to so many of our lovely clients regarding their mortgage requirements and help them to buy their first homes, or move on, purchase investments and even release equity in later life. The journey can be complex and frustrating and it can be straightforward and simple. However, the one thing it is essential to consider in ALL cases is protection.

Do you have Life Insurance?

Have you considered Income Protection? If you have a young family do you have anything in place to protect you in case of illness such as Critical Illness Cover? If not please do re-consider. Protection should be essential – the unthinkable can and does happen perhaps more commonly than you might think.

Case Study – why protection?

A client of ours called in this week to say he had very sadly been diagnosed with a brain tumour.  He had not taken out Critical Illness Cover but had Life Insurance and also an Income Protection plan. Though Income Protection is the cheaper option, at the very least he has a regular income coming in once company sick pay ceases, to help out his family. If he had not opted for this level of cover there would be no way of protecting his family over the long term excepting Government benefits – the last thing you want to have to consider at such a vulnerable time.

Call us – it’s cheaper than you think!

We are happy to give you an idea of cost – it honestly is much cheaper than you might think to take out some form of protection – after all what price security for you and your family? Call us or email we are here to help!

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