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21st August 2017

Help To Buy – When it’s Time to Remortgage

We have a long history of supporting first time buyers via the Government various Help To Buy schemes. Learn more at:

However, when you come to the end of your scheme you will find out that there are very few re-mortgage options available. This where we can help.

We understand that there are additional costs involved – which may be unexpected – in the process of re-mortgaging to a new lender. We have access to a re-mortgage option which is particularly designed to help with these costs. There is a free valuation for properties under £800,000 and a cash back sum towards the legal fees and HCA (Home and Community Agency ) administrative charges. There is up to 75% loan to value available and you can use this to repay some or all of the equity loan, The application online is straightforward.

Contact us at for more information – we are here to help.

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