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26th October 2018

Houses for Hallowe’en!

Would you like to live here? A host of haunted houses for Hallowe’en…… even we might not be able to get a mortgage for them!

Ellenborough Park

The main Tudor manor house is said to be haunted by a former matron and a nanny! Room 56, is reputedly haunted by Lady Ellenborough. In the last three years, 13 people have complained about “a presence” in this room where the Lady’s portrait hangs on blood-red walls.

The Fleece Inn, Bretherton

Circles are actually drawn on the floor underneath the fireplaces to prevent witches from flying down the chimney! Strange apparitions, mysterious noises and a sinister presence have disturbed staff and customers for years.

The New Inn, Gloucester

Strange sounds have been actually recorded in the cellar of this Elizabethan city pub and “horrible whisperings” have been heard there! Footage captured includes that of a mysteriously disappearing pint glass (might someone have drunk it???) A bad-tempered spirit lingers in the cellar, whilst a kitchen poltergeist regularly appears and throws pots and pans around.

St Mary’s Square, Gloucester

One of the city’s most famous phantoms is the ghost of Bishop John Hooper who was burned at the stake in 1555 during the Catholic persecution of the Protestants. He was executed in Westgate Street but his ghost is said to have been seen near his monument in St Mary’s Square

Prestbury, Cheltenham

Prestbury is said to be one of the most haunted villages in England – there are apparently 20 ghosts! The famous Black Abbott is said to appear at Christmas, Easter and of course All Hallows Eve. Ghosts from the Civil War have been reported including a sighting of a Cavalier soldier in the streets. There’s also the charging horseman who has been seen upon his galloping horse in Shaw Green Lane and the Burgage; and the Headless Horseman who, according to local legend, was a royal dispatch rider who was beheaded!

Old Poundstretcher Store, Westgate Street, Gloucester

Previously the Theatre Royal in Victorian times, the store is reportedly haunted by the ghost of actress Eliza Johnson who hung herself in the cellar during the 1880s after an unhappy affair with the Theatre Manager. A smell of burning is said to accompany the sightings of Eliza. This is said to reflect the use of many oil lamps at the time of her death. This ghost has even been caught on CCTV, more than once!

Angel Hotel, Coleford

The building dates back to the 1600s and one room was previously used as an embalming room and mortuary. Creepy goings on in 2009 had the staff forced to leave the lights on at all times!

HM Prison, Gloucester

Gloucester’s former prison has a morbid history for sure. The cells have held some of the country’s most notorious criminals. The ghost of a woman who was held in the cells of the nearby Abbey was said to appear and taunt the inmates. Supposedly she was searching for an inmate who killed her!

Woodchester Mansion

This 19th-century Gothic building lies hidden in a secluded Cotswolds valley. A stunning house it was mysteriously abandoned mid-construction. The mansion has a phantom horseman who rides along the driveway, and a floating head that appears in one of the bedrooms. Female guests have been grabbed by the ghost of an elderly woman in the darkest areas of the mansion!

The Morton Ghost, Pittville Circus

A well-documented haunting that took place in a Regency townhouse in Pittville Circus, this tall lady in black took to wandering about the house with a black handkerchief covering her face. She was said to be the ghost of an occupant’s widow.



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