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Nobody likes to think about the worst. However these days it is even more important to consider how mortgage payments and other monthly commitments might be paid of the worst DID happen and you became unable to work due to illness or even death. It is vital to protect yourself, your family and your home – and we can use our expertise and experience to tailor a package for you that exactly suits your needs – and your budget. We help you to obtain peace of mind so that you can enjoy the here and now.

Life Cover, Critical Illness and Income Protection

We will assess your individual situation and help you to work out exactly how much cover you might need if you were to be diagnosed with a critical illness, or if the worst happened and you died. There are policies that pay out lump sums and/or monthly benefits and we help you to decide which is best for you and your family.

In the event of long term capacity, an Income Protection policy can pay out until you return to work or reach your chosen retirement age. Think about how you and your family might survive on state benefit alone.

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Family Income Benefit

Do you have children?  Have you thought about what might happen if the main breadwinner in your family were to die tragically young? Family Income Benefit is relatively inexpensive and should be considered by any family with young children.

Let us to help you decide what is best for you and your family.

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Private Medical Insurance

A premium health service, more flexibility and choice and extra comfort when ill. Get treated at a time that is convenient for you, possibly with access to new and expensive treatments and drugs that are not always available via the NHS – and avoid the queues. Let us help you to discover how affordable this can be.

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Home Insurance

Buildings & Contents Cover

Buildings Insurance is the most basic of cover and is designed to cover you against physical damage to your property. It is generally a condition of your mortgage contract and is required by most mortgage lenders to comply with the terms and conditions of the loan. However, it is usually acceptable for you to shop around and use the Building Insurance provider of your choice – that’s why you should talk to us.

Contents Insurance offers cover against fire, theft, acts of God and accidental damage to your personal belongings – different companies offer different inclusions and exclusions – you should always check your policy to ensure that the sum you insure is both adequate and realistic.

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Landlords’ Insurance

Property Insurance designed for landlords.

As a landlord, you aim to generate an income and obtain capital appreciation through your property investments. It, therefore, makes sense that you should try to protect your investments against unexpected incidents and events.

What would happen if one of your properties suffered flooding damage and became uninhabitable for a period of time? How would you fund repair works and cover loss of income? Furthermore, if a tenant fails to pay you rent on time how will your mortgage be paid? Worse still, what if a resident suffers serious bodily injury due to an unsafe staircase? As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to provide a safe living environment. Failure to do so could leave you facing a financially crippling public liability claim.

Buying landlord insurance is the best way to protect your property portfolio and provide you with peace of mind. Let us help you to choose the right amount of cover for your investment.

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