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If you’re an existing homeowner and want to raise cash for improving your home, maybe you’re looking for a better rate, or want to help family get onto the property ladder, we’re here to help you switch.

Stay put or move to a new lender

If your property has increased in value, your lower loan to value ratio could mean you are eligible for a wider choice of mortgage plans. It may be that your current lender has new deals on the table, with lower rates. Or perhaps moving to a new lender would give you a better option.

We can search thousands of mortgage deals to find one that’s tailored to your personal situation and your budget. We’ll then present you with all the information; arrangement fees, valuation fees, any repayment/exit fees, to assess whether it’s financially beneficial for you to move.

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Review the whole market

We review thousands of deals across the whole market to find a mortgage that suits you best, including checking out the best product on offer from your current lender. That way we can assess whether it’s the right move for you to switch lenders once all the fees are taken into account.

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Why choose The Finance Roome?

Remortgaging can be a little complicated at times, but we love a challenge. If you took out your existing mortgage before 2008, you’ll find that the rules and criteria to qualify for a mortgage have changed. We’re here to offer sound advice and then make remortgaging your property happen as quickly and painlessly as possible. If you are already on the best deal for you – then we’ll tell you that too!

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How we helped Mrs H

Mrs H first became a client of ours in 2013. Since then, she has married and bought a home with Mr H. The couple recently contacted us to remortgage. Rather than move, they wanted to raise finance to build an extension on their house ready for the arrival of their surprise twins. Their current home had gone up in value and we managed to organise a remortgage which released £186,532 to build a substantially extension and fund some new baby equipment! The process only took 4 weeks to complete, planning permission took a little longer.

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