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14th August 2019

Run The Runway!

If you aren’t busy Saturday evening and would like to do something different to help two amazing charities fly2help and Maggie’s Cheltenham , we have the very thing!

Come and join our Director Ellen Roome and two team members Tricia Cooke and Noleen Jones as they run, walk, stumble and trip their way around a 5km set on the runways at Gloucestershire Airport.  At midnight! What an unusual opportunity to make a difference and what a fantastic adventure too. Just £15 to enter, and of course any extra money you can raise would be good – ask family and friends. It will be a really fun night and you don’t have to be a runner, honest. There will be a fair few people coming, a real mix of abilities – it’s just good clean fun and a very healthy way to spend a Saturday night too!

Call us for details or drop us a line – we need marshalls/help too if exercise isn’t  your thing. No excuses!

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