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5th September 2019

Why Protection for your Family is Essential

Family Security through Protection

We often talk about how important it is to make sure your family is adequately protected against unexpected events and calamities. Insurance and protection is often the last think many of us consider when buying a property. There are always far too many other things going on, more exciting things. And it’s expensive, right? These things always happen to someone else.

The thing is, they don’t. They happen to us. One of our long term clients wrote in recently to tell her story. She explains why having adequate insurance in place transformed her life and outcome after an initial cancer diagnosis. She is happy to share her experience. This should be required reading for everyone who has a mortgage or is buying a home.

Kim’s Story – Critical Illness Cover

“I have never been one for travelling. I always felt secure at home and didn’t have nay tendencies to see the world. That is up until now.

Last year I was diagnosed with a small breast cancer lump – which was obviously a shock. Luckily, due to the expertise of the NHS it was removed, and I had some treatment – all within the space of six months. The difficulty for me was that although things were sorted physically, apart from a few scars., mentally it has been a different story. It was a shock and it has affected me and I know I am one of the lucky ones. Then I feel guilty about feeling low. I have realised now that I just need to work it through in my own time.

The reason I am writing this is because I have always been a very cautious person. As  on my own, with children for a while, I decided to take out critical illness cover. I thought it was quite a lot of money a month but just considered it as part of the monthly mortgage repayment. Years went by. and I forgot all about it until I met the team from The Finance Roome. I was by then in a position to sort out my finances and they found me a better deal for critical illness cover.

The moral of this story is that once I wasn’t one to leave the comfort of my own home. However wake up call to life made me want to. Luckily, due to the critical illness cover I had taken out I am now in a position where I can enjoy travel, work part-time and treat my children. Although I will always have a worry in the back of my mind about my health, I know I am financially secure for the future and so are my children. It is hard to explain how different my life is. I donow that mentally I have recovered far better than I would have done, simply by being able to take time out to travel and to see the world differently. I actually feel very lucky to have had a wake up call to life and to now be in a position to live it”

We are very grateful to Kim for sharing this story. If just one person considers protection as a result of reading this then Kin has done a good job.

Please do call us if you want to have a chat about what might be best for your family. We are happy to have an obligation-free chat. It is probably cheaper than you think.

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