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10th October 2020

Which insurance companies do you use?

We offer a full FREE advice and recommendation service to find you the cover that you need.

  • We will use whoever is best for you and explain why.
  • We NEVER sell on the cost of a policy alone.
  • We will go above and beyond to find you the best possible cover for you, taking into account your medical history.
  • When applicable we will advise that you write your policies into a Trust.  This helps with a payout, to go to the correct people as quickly as possible and can take it outside of your estate to avoid inheritance tax.  (Please note that we do not give tax advice).
  • Insurers are all different, we work with these companies below to find the best one for you and your family.
  • What cover do you need?   Life assurance, income protection, critical illness cover, serious illness cover, family income benefit, gift inter vivos, shareholder protection, keyman insurance. We will explain the types of cover which you may want to consider and also those that you don’t need to pay for.
  • If you have policies already we will always review these first to check what level of cover you have.  You may not need to change anything.  If that is so we will tell you.  We will NEVER sell you something you don’t have a need for.

What you can do now

Start by finding out benefits from your employer and details of your own current policies.  If you can’t find them then we can obtain the details directly from the insurers on your behalf.  Your bank statement will show who you are paying to establish which companies.

The call us… 01242 226353, we will arrange a completely FREE review.

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